Ragnaud Sabourin Cognacs
Tradition and Know How since 1850

The family tradition has immortalized ancestral craftsmanship:


Our Cognacs are distilled at the Estate following the specific, traditional, two- stage method in a traditional Charentais still. After distillation, the aromas open leading to a rich and fruity smell.


The eaux-de-vie are then patiently aged in French oak barrels in our family cellars. We have a substantial stock: 15 to 17 times the equivalent of a year of sales ! This situation, unique to Cognac, makes it possible to keep a free spirit and produce just the quantities needed every year, thus perpetuating the
« House spirit » of the owners since 1850.


Our cellar master owes his knowledge to our founder, Marcel Ragnaud, who was both a outstanding vine-grower and a gifted cellar master. Our family tradition has immortalized this ancestral craftsmanship.