Ragnaud Sabourin VSOP n°10

Unblended #10 - 41°
Grape Variety : 100% Ugni Blanc.

Our Ragnaud Sabourin #10 is aged ten years in oak casks vs 4 years by law. This makes our VSOP one of the smoothest in its category.

Vibrant and deep, the golden yellow colour of Ragnaud Sabourin #10 is tinged with bronze.

Its fragrance is almost coy and enigmatic: light oak, stewed fruits, hints of coffee beans, floral honey, toasted oak, warming baking spices and a hint of lemon zest.

The palate is beautifully soft and mellow, silky and buttery and slightly tannic with a delicate dried fruit rancio. Flavors of pear, prune, apple give way to notes of toffee and oak with a hint of chocolate.

The finish is long and elegant with wood spice and floral notes returning.


Ragnaud Sabourin VSOP n°10