Ragnaud Sabourin Reserve Speciale n°20

Unblended #20 - 43°
Grape Variety : Primarily Ugni Blanc with a small percentage of Folle Blanche.

This blend contains eaux-de-vie some of which are aged over 20 years in French oak casks, providing complexity, depth of flavour and rounded character.

Ragnaud Sabourin #20 shows deep bronze and topaz colour.

The nose is subtle with hints of roasted hazelnuts, almonds and nougat.

The body is full and supple and the mouth feel is round, creamy, showing a nutty dried fruit taste along with hints of wood spice, toffee and balsamic notes.

Thanks to a higher proof of 43% ABV, the finish is long, deep with a beautiful lingering oxidation note.


Ragnaud Sabourin Reserve Speciale n°20