Ragnaud Sabourin XXO

Unblended #30 - 40°
Grape Variety: Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche

Our XXO cognac has beautiful shimmering gold color enlivened with rich mahogany tints.
The nose combines a wide variety of sweet notes, candied citrus fruits, spices, cloves and cinnamon.

After swirling, it offers subtly woody, toasted notes of honey and prune. At the very end comes a note of rancio, which prolongs the complexity of an already rich bouquet.

The palate is round and complex. It begins slightly sweet and concentrated, reflecting the years it took to lock in the delicate aromas of candied fruit, spices and honey, which are blended with woody notes.

The finish is exceptionally long with notes of toasted gingerbread, where the rancio blends harmoniously with the woody flavors.

Ragnaud Sabourin XXO